Manage Your IVR :-

​As a business owners you get​ power to configure your IVR online. This is why OnlineIVR built a robust self-​managed interface allowing ​user to configure their entire ​IVR system fast​er. OnlineIVR ​support 24/7​, 365 days a year.


Bl​​ack List ​Unwanted ​Calls :-

Now user can Black List the Caller Number​. You can also un-block callers just as easily.


Send callers to the right place the first time :-

OnlineIVR automatically route calls to the extension or department​ based on key input. Call can be connected on any extension with multiple numbers they can be mobile or landline with Sequential, Round Robin & Parallel Calls. So to ensure call gets connected faster.​


View all incoming and missed calls with relevant details :-

You can view reports on the calls you receive and time spent on each call. By logging into your account you can instantly view the number of calls received. You can download call deetails also in excel file.


Multi Level IVR :-

The OnlineIVR Multi-level IVR is a hierarchical menu structure that expands the capability of the current Auto-Receptionist ​Multi Level means that Welcome Message with Main Menu ​feature​ then each Main Menu feature will have Sub Menu & so on.


Multiple Channel :-

Use Call Forwarding to send incoming calls to phones or external phone numbers.with a huge features like Ring on multiple phones in simultaneous or sequential order, Set the length of time a phone rings before calls forward to the next phone,Filter calls by business hours, call screening and caller ID, Activate call recording for free.


Single and Multiple level IVR :-

In single level you have “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, 3 for Billing” in Multiple when Main Level is Pressed then it will Ask “Press 1 for Domain Sales, Press 2 for Hosting Sales, Press 3 for VAS services” after which call gets forwarded to Agent based on 2 level of key press.


Music on hold :-

While call is getting connected with Agent Caller listen Music while he is on Call Hold.


Dial by Extension :-

Agent Extension Number for direct call transfer.


Call Center Software integration(URL) :-

URL based Management Hosted Cloud IRV managed Online.


Easy to modify holidays and hours :-

you can set incoming call happy hours.


Real-time and historical reports :-

All Incoming & Outgoing calls are Saved for data analysis.


Free API and URL forwarding :-

API is provided Free so user can connect via API to his CRM & Application.


Connect to local database and web server :-

You can Connect call logs with your server via API.


SMS Notification :-

User can set Auto SMS Notification to caller.


Email Notification :-

User can set Auto Reply SMS Notification to caller.


Miss Call reporting :-

All Incoming Call log will get registered with us.


Multinational Calling :-

Incoming Calls can be received any time 24/7 across the Globe.


Download Call recording :-

User can download recording file.


Unlimited Call Forwarding :-

Multiple Phone Numbers can be added in IVR outbound dialing.


Easy to Integrate :-

HTT API is available to integrate.


Call Recording :-

Call Conversation can be recorded.